Characteristics of a Good First Aider

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  • From: Herminio T. Ibanez {524-11)Kabalikat
    Total Posts: 2
    Sun, 22 Nov 2015 14:23:31 +0800

    Guidelines for membership states that it should be issued an OP ID by a chapter concerned. And the word probationary must be written inside within the word OPERATIVE. my question is.. do we have to make it ourselves , or we have to get it somewhere, and who to get en touch with. To all 41s of KB bicol who knows please response.. Big 142.

  • From: herminio t. ibanezKabalikat
    Total Posts: 2
    Sun, 22 Nov 2015 14:02:39 +0800

    Just to make sure, as Elected Officer of KB 524 Bato Chapter, A gigantic reminder to all elected officer that he or she must know thier duties and responsibility. We accept to be one of them, then, be it...for the willingness that we have had swear as a voluntary organization. thanks and God Bless.

  • From: AlvinKabalikat
    Total Posts: 1
    Sat, 25 Apr 2015 19:53:20 +0800

    11 po sa 12 27 ng kb523 new chapter. 142 po.

  • From: Alvin C.Cells(500-12)Kabalikat
    Total Posts: 3
    Thu, 08 Jan 2015 15:40:13 +0800

    44 to all 41 of kb bicol and to my friend 30-01 and family hapi new year

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First Aid and Rescue

Definition of First Aid

First aid is the immediate and temporary care given to a person who has been suddenly taken ill or injured. It is the care administered by a concerned person as soon as possible after an accident or illness. It is this prompt care and attention that sometimes means the difference between life and death, or between a full or partial recovery.

First aid has limitations YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR - but it is an essential and vital part of the total medical concept. FIRST AID SAVES LIVES! ...ask any ambulance officer or doctor who works in the emergency medical field.

Roles of First Aid

1. It is the bridge that fills the gap between victim and the physician.
2. It ends when the services of the physician begins.
3. It is not intended to compete with nor take the place of a physician.

Objectives of First Aid

1. Alleviate suffering
2. Prolong life
3. Prevent added injury or danger

Characteristics of a Good First Aider

1. Observant - should notice all signs
2. Resourceful - makes use of things at hand
3. Gentle - should not cause pain
4. Tactful - should not alarm the victim
5. Sympathetic - should be comforting
6. Cheerful - inspires and develops confidence

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